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An overview of cervical screening

Cervical screenings can help to detect abnormal changes to the cervix. It is an examination of cellular material from the neck of the womb to discover any pre-cancerous lesions. This test will show us if there are any abnormal cells on the surface of the cervix. Any woman who has been sexually active and is between the ages of 20 to 70 should have regular smear tests. 

It is best not to get this test done during your period. If you have had a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), then you will need to check with us to see if you still need to have cervical smear tests. 

Although cervical screening is generally extremely effective, like all tests it is not 100% so some women may still develop cervical cancer. Other tests are now available to help when treatment is necessary such as testing for HPV (Human Papillomavirus).

Symptoms of cervical cancer may include:

  • Bleeding after sex
  • Vaginal bleeding in post-menopausal women
  • Bleeding between normal periods

How Auckland Gynaecology can help

We provide full cervical screening examinations to women and encourage all women between the ages of 20 and 70 to visit for regular smear tests. Some women may find the test uncomfortable but it does not hurt. Be sure to let us know how you are feeling and we will do our very best to help you through the process. The examination is quick, but if feeling nervous or anxious you are welcome to bring a support person if you wish.

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