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Pelvic pain, endometriosis

An overview of pelvic pain and Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition in which the cells from the lining of the uterus (or endometrium) appear and grow outside of the uterine cavity. The most common place for this to happen is on the membrane which lines the abdominal cavity, also known as peritoneum. Its main symptom is pelvic pain in various manifestations but other symptoms are often dependent on the site of active endometriosis. This is something that affects around 6-10% of women and typically occurs during the reproductive years. Endometriosis can cause pain and infertility.

Most endometriosis is found on the following structures in the pelvic cavity:

  • The front of the uterus and the posterior cul-de-sac
  • The back of the uterus and the anterior cul-de-sac
  • Pelvic and back wall
  • Fallopian tubes
  • Urinary bladder and uterus
  • Ovaries
  • Intestines – most commonly the rectosigmoid
  • Uterine ligaments such as the broad or round ligament of the uterus

How Auckland Gynaecology can help

We can help you with the diagnosis of the disease with a physical examination. The use of a pelvic ultrasound can also help us to identify large endometriotic cysts. Although we will often be able to feel the endometrial growths during a pelvic exam, diagnosis cannot be confirmed by examination alone. We are able to perform a laparoscopy which is a surgical procedure that involves using a camera to look inside the abdominal cavity. Unless the lesion is externally visible such as an endometriotic nodule in the vagina, a laparoscopy is the only way to officially diagnose endometriosis because it permits lesion visualisation. If the growths are still not visible, we a able to take a biopsy to determine the diagnosis. Although there is currently no cure for endometriosis, we can help you to manage the pelvic pain, and other symptoms it causes.

Treatments for pain from endometriosis fall into the following three categories:

  • Pain medications
  • Hormone therapy
  • Surgical treatment
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