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An overview of post pregnancy problems

There are various problems that women may have to deal with post-pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding will usually slow down by the end of the first two weeks after giving birth. But intermittent or light bleeding may still continue up to six weeks. However, recurrent heavy bleeding or clotting with or without a bad smell should be reported to us at Auckland Gynaecology immediately. Venous Thrombosis is something that can occur during pregnancy or after giving birth. This is a blood clot that occurs in a vein or an artery.

Symptoms of this during pregnancy usually occur in one leg and include:

  • Swelling in your entire leg or just part of it
  • A red and hot swollen leg
  • Pain/ tenderness (this is sometimes only felt when standing or walking)

How Auckland Gynaecology can help

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed in the above paragraph, be sure to contact us immediately and we will ensure the right medical treatment.

Patients are generally more at risk of suffering from post-pregnancy Venous Thrombosis if:

  • You had a prolonged labour that lasted more than 24 hours
  • You had a caesarean
  • You received a blood transfusion
  • You lost a lot of blood after giving birth

If you have any worries surrounding post pregnancy problems please be sure to book an appointment with us or give us a call. We aim to make all patients feel completely secure before and during your pregnancy as well as after you have delivered.

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